LOO-CHI HU, Christchurch, NZ

hulooandrobinRobin Greenberg’s New Zealand International Film Festival Movie – the very successful “The Free China Junk” is part of the story of Loo-Chi Hu. The movie uncovered the remarkable adventure of five young fishermen who set off from Taiwan in 1955 intending to cross the Pacific in an old Junk. Their plan being to sail to San Franciso, hauling the boat across the US to take part in a trans-Atlantic yacht race – none of them having had any experience of junks or the open sea! The sixth junk-mate, the young American Vice-Consul in Taipei, filmed the journey.

Robin’s earlier film about Loo-Chi, “HULOO”, premiered at the NZ International Film Festival 2008.

Geraldine C Parkes
Association Member