Festival of Tai Chi 2008

The Association extends a warm welcome to its annual Festival of Tai Chi.

This will be held on 22 November 2008, at the Cashmere Club, Colombo Street, Christchurch.

Doors open 9am sharp, entry fee is $5, and the day finishes at 3pm.

A limited number of lunches are available for purchase at the club, price to be arranged.

We have a great programme, with many tai chi practitioners from all over New Zealand showcasing several different types of tai chi. There will be several opportunities for audience participation.

Membership of the Association is not required, all are welcome.

See you there!


About the Association

New Zealand National T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association Incorporated

The New Zealand National T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association extends a welcome to any practitioners of Tai Chi and Qi gong or interested parties.

The Association is a non profit organisation whose aim it is to promote T’ai Chi and any arts affiliated with it. All work contributing to its running is done on a voluntary basis.

The Association was established in 1988 and is based out of Christchurch, New Zealand with a sub branch in Auckland.

It was set up by students of Loo Chi Hu QSM and has established connections with various groups throughout New Zealand since its inception. In 1991 the Association became affiliated with the T’ai Chi Society in Taiwan.

Mr Hu is the patron of the Association but does not recognise himself or the Association as being a regulatory body for the practice of T’ai Chi Ch’uan.

The Association recommends anyone who is interested in having their level of skill appraised to approach the New Zealand Kung-Fu Wu Shu Federation or the Beijing Institute of Physical Education.

The main aim of the Association is to create the sharing of ideas and connections between individual practitioners and groups who are passionate about T’ai Chi.

Ways in which the Association has endeavoured to achieve this is by publishing a quarterly newsletter (comprising of appropriate articles from practitioners and relevant free advertising) and by holding workshops. An annual workshop has been held in Christchurch since 1988. The Association also has educational videos and DVDs available for sale.

More recently the Association has been working with groups involved in the health sector e.g. the Accident Compensation Corporation, New Zealand Presbyterian Support for Falls Prevention, the Osteoporosis Society and Aged Concern as well as maintaining a register of current T’ai Chi instructors throughout New Zealand.

Membership is open to anyone. The annual subscription is $10 which helps cover the cost of all the Association’s activities.

For more information please contact the Association at Retnep@xtra.co.nz or you can write to PO Box 10203, Phillipstown, Christchurch.