2nd International Taijiquan Invitational Tournament

Dear New Zealand Kung-Fu Wushu Federation Members and Friends.

The ‘Hong Kong Wushu Union Organizing Committee of the upcoming 2nd International Taijiquan Invitational Tournament cum 1st International Taiji Push Hands Championships is seeking participation.

Please advise a.s.a.p. if anyone is interested in attending this event, which is scheduled between 28th February to 1st March, 2009 in Hong Kong. For further information please visit http://www.hkwushuu.com.hk.

The New Zealand Kung-Fu Wushu Federation is happy to act as a central coordination point for those wishing to attend. Please email me at president AT wushu DOT org DOT nz if you are interested.

Yours in wushu,
Glen Keith