Michael CJ Baker

Mike Baker has recently renewed his membership with the Association after a number of years lay off. He has been running classes in Nelson for 32 years. His experiences in this field are numerous and Mike has elaborated as follows:

“I teach a range of stretching and breathing approaches; as well as Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching’s 37 Posture Short Form, which I have been practicing for 42 years. Depending on the ability of the students I offer Tui Shou, Single and Double Push-Hands practice; Ta Lu; San Shou, Jeng Sword, Sabre or Broadsword, Staff and Walking Stick forms. I teach self-defence applications to the techniques within the solo form.

I also teach a weekly special Tai Chi class for service users in Mental Health which I set up 6 years ago.

If anyone is travelling to or passing through Nelson they are always most welcome to look me up and join in a class if it happens to coincide with their time. My classes are on Wednesday evenings from 5.20pm – 7pm at Fairfield House at the top of Trafalgar St above the Cathedral. The cost is $15.00.”