Person Profiles

Tim Exton has been appointed to the committee. He will bring a wealth of knowledge and fresh ideas into the mix. The existing committee welcome Tim for his enthusiasm

Dave Thew is the new Guinness Book of records holder for playing Tai Chi from go to whoa. I am sure that more details will be made public as soon as Dave gets his breath back: Mention must be made of the supporters that went down to Temuka to spur Dave on and keep him to the task.


1 thought on “Person Profiles”

  1. Hi Tai chi brothers and sisters. Last April I succeeded in breaking the standing world record for longest Tai chi marathon, I completed 30.15 hours of continuous Tai chi, breaking the existing record of 28.95hrs. I would like to thank everyone who helped and supported as you all are to thank for our success. Unfortunately we submitted our application and waited 12 weeks to be informed our videographer had not supplied all the film footage. After several months of failed attempts at trying to recover footage and re submit we where forced to withdraw our application. We were however able to get our sponsors kind donations back we paid him and returned to them.
    On a positive note
    We raised $3000 for the Cancer society
    Highlighted the benefits of Tai chi locally, nationally and around the world.
    Had a lot of fun and bought people together over a great weekend.
    I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
    Regards Dave Thew


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