Taiji Mu Quan

Dr. Pang Created a new method, Taiji Mu Quan (taiji mother form) in 2015 and taught teacher Yang Yunzhong. In recent few years, Dr. Pang gave teacher Yang many lectures and told him to spread it in all over the world for spreading Zhineng Qigong culture. This method manifests the essence and source of all the taiji, like the mother of all kinds of taiji. It is based on the zhineng qigong hunyuan entirety theory and the second life pattern theory. I learned this method from teacher Yang, I feel it is taiji, but more like qigong, it’s very good for practitioners improve their state.

Taiji Mu Quan is very simple and easy to learn, and it’s also very interesting when you practice. It’s good for old people and young people both.

It main benefits:

1, Open and enhances middle channel qi

2, Works on the entire transformation of the universal qi and internal qi, create very good state

3, Practice consciousness observation, brings consciousness towards the true-self

4, It is very effective on improving the health and create harmony in life.

We will hold a retreat in China for cultivating Taiji Mu Quan international teachers 24 February—16 March.

Please see the details on our website: https://www.daohearts.com/international-zhineng-taiji-teacher-training-retreat/

Disclaimer: This information has been shared by a member of the NZNTCCA for the benefit of other members and is not necessarily endorsed by the Association.


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