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Jim Irwin

We welcome Jim Irwin, Yeung Tai Chi School, Christchurch to the Association.

Jim has been a tai chi practitioner for nearly 30 years and has been teaching Yang Family Tai Chi for 17 years. He is also a NVQ qualified instructor. Jim has a thorough and in-depth knowledge of both health and martial aspects of Tai Chi.

Please click here for Jim’s profile, or visit his website.

Taranaki Tai Chi Chuan – Health Qigong Weekend Workshop, 16-18 November 2018

Taranaki Tai Chi Chuan Association, in association with the Wushu Culture Association & Qigong Clinic (Auckland), is proud to present the attached programme for the 2018 visit of the Delegation of the International Health Qigong Federation and Chinese Health Qigong Association. For further information and a registration form, please click on the image below.

Michael CJ Baker

Mike Baker has recently renewed his membership with the Association after a number of years lay off. He has been running classes in Nelson for 32 years. His experiences in this field are numerous and Mike has elaborated as follows:

“I teach a range of stretching and breathing approaches; as well as Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching’s 37 Posture Short Form, which I have been practicing for 42 years. Depending on the ability of the students I offer Tui Shou, Single and Double Push-Hands practice; Ta Lu; San Shou, Jeng Sword, Sabre or Broadsword, Staff and Walking Stick forms. I teach self-defence applications to the techniques within the solo form.

I also teach a weekly special Tai Chi class for service users in Mental Health which I set up 6 years ago.

If anyone is travelling to or passing through Nelson they are always most welcome to look me up and join in a class if it happens to coincide with their time. My classes are on Wednesday evenings from 5.20pm – 7pm at Fairfield House at the top of Trafalgar St above the Cathedral. The cost is $15.00.”