Dave Thew workshop, 2 June 2018


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Fourth International Course Taiji Quan with Master Faye Yip, 4-6 March 2016

Wushu Culture Association is proud to present the Fourth International Course of Taiji Quan with Master Faye Yip on 4-6 March 2016 in Auckland.  Individual workshops include Taiji Kung Fu Fan, Yang Style New Competition Form, Taiji Quan 24 Movements in Depth and Taiji Quan 42 Movements In Depth.

Master Faye Yip, now based in the UK, was born into one of China’s most influential martial art families.  She is daughter of Professor Li Deyin, the creator of Taiji Kungfu Fan and 42 Step Taijiquan.

This is a wonderful opportunity to receive inspirational Taiji instruction from one of the world’s highest authorities.  All courses are delivered in English by Master Faye herself.  Please click here for more information.  To register, please contact Orlando García-Morales, email wushu.works@gmail.com, ph 021 560 200 or 09 2144153.

Chen Style Taijiquan Push Hands Workshop

Venue: Somerfield Community Centre
47 Somerfield Street, Somerfield, Christchurch South.
Sunday 22 November  from 8 – 10 am.
With Terry Young of Wellington .

Supported by the NZ National Tai Chi Chuan Association.

From a Traditional point of  view, Tai Chi Routine  and  Tai Chi Push Hands are both equally important in learning Tai Chi Chuan.

Sunday  22nd November 8am to 10am.

Venue: Somerfield Community Centre:  47 Studholme Street, Somerfield, Christchurch South.

A 2 hour Workshop open to everyone (beginners and advanced) interested in learning  about  the Chen Style Practical Method of Grand Master  Hong Junsheng in Push Hands training.

The 1st  session, Terry will take you through a detailed over view  from  first principles of  theory, stance and posture to single hands , double hands methods and understanding   concepts of p’eng jin and shen jin  as developed by Master Peter Shi-zeng  Wu.

The  2nd  session  will be an informal session of practice:  of methods from the first session, individual and partnered  training, exchange of ideas with fellow students and instructors.

Those   interested   in attending or wanting further information  are welcome to advise/contact  Terry at tytaichi@gmail.com .

Cost:  $5 per person

Terry Young.
The Chen Style Taijiquan Academy, Wellington.